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I'm the founder of Aggregate, a tech & events series that makes unlikely connections possible. I'm also a partner at Stensland van Bers Kent & Partners (SvBK&) a consultancy outfit based in Brooklyn.


I speak frequently at events around the globe. These links will take you to my slides or upcoming events schedule.


For over a decade, I worked primarily for universities & colleges managing web departments. All aspects of things like web governance, analytics, content management, engaging stakeholders and prioritizing multiple projects are within my skillset. A developer by trade, I've successfully numerous CMS implementations, led committees and large teams for institutions ranging from 3,000 to over 90,000 students.

Whether in an office role or as a consultant, I've always been entrepreneurial. I've launched close to 30 projects over the past decade, most of which you'll never have heard of unless you were local or part of them: Hey You Should Watch This Movie (100k followers on tumblr), Future Wyoming, Omnivore brand, UWYO.FM, National Government Simulation (1000+ members in 1999.) Built on a foundation of inquiry, I'm tireless in my pursuit of new challenges.

I spent four years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a network administrator and was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal for service in the Persian Gulf (Operation Southern Watch) in 2000. I pursued my undergraduate degree while on active duty, so I attended several colleges along the way.

I started playing tennis years before I wrote my first line of code and after a scholastic career, have coached both college & high school teams in two states. I've also been a parliamentary debate coach and spent a number of years on the senior staff at camps mostly in New England. Some people only know me because of the sport I developed, Tennis Polo.

Occasionally, I'm a freelance contributor to publications on topics related to culture & society.


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